In Palo Laziale, a weather station has been installed in the selected area (close to a temporary pond). It will measure meteorological parameters in both freshwater and forestry environments, including:

- atmospheric temperature (minimum, average and maximum);

- humidity (minimum, average and maximum);

- precipitation;

- soil moisture of the wood at three different depths (-30cm, -50cm and -70cm);

The system integrates a telescopic pole (height 10 m) for meteorological antenna (figure 2) to monitor also:

- solar radiation;

- photosynthetically active radiation (PAR);

and a piezometer to monitor:

- water level of a pilot temporary pond;

- water temperature of the same pilot temporary pond.

The system can be further upgraded with other sensors such as soil humidity gauge or gas exchange measurers of trees that can be specifically linked among their selves to detect more physico-chemical parameters of the wood.

The collected data are automatically sent to the Integrated Agrometeorological Service of the Lazio Region, managed by ARSIAL, and made public on this website from the section "Download". at  from from where would be at the disposal of the project.


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