LIFE PRIMED. Fighting for Mediterranean ecosystems!

In the last decades, phenomena of forest decline have been observed across the planet. Throughout Europe, coastal forest ecosystems have been under the pressure of man's direct or indirect action, which has triggered numerous stress factors. This has led to substantial changes in the composition and structure of tree populations, up to extreme cases of high and sudden mortality of forests and loss of the associated habitats. In many cases, the lack of forest management, together with the impact of climate change, have been indicated as the main contributing factors to this decline, as reported in numerous cases of oak woods.
We decided to act for halting this tremendous natural heritage loss. Over the last years, we have been conducted studies and researches to find solutions dealing with such urgency. Last year we finally presented these solutions in the form of a project proposal to the European Union. That is how the LIFE PRIMED project was born! An idea that today is A REALITY!
Over the next 5 years, we will fight to protect, manage and valorise the Mediterranean coastal ecosystems of Italy and Greece!
Mediterranean landscapes, Mediterranean treasures!

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